Editing/Book Coach

I’ve had the honor of working with an abundance of talented writers (many of whom are now agented and/or published) as a critique partner, a Pitch Wars mentor, and professionally. (Scroll down to read testimonials.) I love figuring out what is and isn’t working in a manuscript and conveying it in a way that helps another writer create the story they’ve envisioned. I especially love YA and MG literature, but stories are stories, no matter the age category or genre.

My summer schedule includes openings for a few new editing clients! Please get in touch to discuss your editing needs: sgrayfosterwrites at gmail dot com

Full Manuscript Critique: Feedback will focus on “big picture” elements, such as concept, plot, pacing, character development and arcs, voice, and use of language, and will include a detailed edit letter (approximately 2-5 pages), as well as comments within the manuscript (but not detailed, line-by-line editing or proofreading). $00.005 per word (For example, a 75,000 word manuscript would be $375.) 

Query and First Chapter Package: This includes detailed line-by-line feedback on your query letter and first chapter (approximately ten pages in standard manuscript format), designed to ensure that you hook your reader with a clear and compelling letter and opening scene. A second pass on the query letter is also included. $35

First Fifty Page Critique: Feedback will include both “big picture” elements, such as concept, plot, pacing, character development and arcs, voice, and use of language, and also detailed line-by-line suggestions. I will provide an edit letter (approximately 2-5 pages), as well as comments and suggested edits within the manuscript (but not proofreading). $75

Contact: sgrayfosterwrites at gmail dot com – Please contact me to discuss or arrange a critique. I look forward to working with you!

Please note: While I will work hard to make your writing the best it can be, my services in no way guarantee an agent, publishing deal, or acceptance into any contest. Prices are subject to change.

Author AcceleratorI also offer editing and book coaching services through Author Accelerator. This innovative organization uses methods developed by editing guru Jennie Nash and Story Genius author, Lisa Cron, to help writers find the heart of their story and write that story effectively.

Please visit the Author Accelerator website for more information. If you would like to work with me as your editor/book coach, you can request me by name.

TESTIMONIALS—Below are comments from a few writers I’ve critiqued: 

I don’t know what I’d do without Susan as my CP. Her editorial eye is amazing, the kind that explains to you well what’s not working, and you’re like, Whoa, I can SEE it now. Whatever was I thinking writing that in a scene? It’s crazy how she can put her finger on exactly what’s not working for her–like, she’ll never say something like “this part is boring me” and nothing else. She’ll say why exactly it isn’t working and will give you options to fix it. She’s the sweetest gal ever, too! She’ll tell you what she loves in your MS, and she’ll root for you. You want her as your mentor! She truly is amazing! – Mónica B.W. 

Susan is a truly wonderful editor. Precise, kind, whip-smart, and knowledgeable, she’s the sort of editor you feel really lucky to have. She knows the craft backwards and forwards—how to tell a great story with all the right elements that go into making a polished novel, from the super small to the super big. Her line edits are amazing; even when you think you’ve been over your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb, she catches problems that need to be fixed to make your novel shine. Her sense of a story’s timing and story arc, as well as of a character’s development, are fantastic. She has a kind of deep-seeing when it comes to the art of the story—she asks all the right questions to help you understand what motivates your characters and how to drive your story forward. Not only that, but she has the knack for giving tough feedback that somehow makes you feel good about your writing (a rare gift, indeed!). Susan is a generous editor with a really big heart and I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to have her as an editor. – Karen Halil, Ph.D. in literature; previously, Lecturer in English at Harvard University and Boston University; presently, YA writer 

Susan is a fabulous editor! She has an eye for detail such as grammar mistakes and missing words, but is also able to identify larger issues regarding plot and clarity. She’s exceptionally thorough, giving pointed, detailed advice in an honest and direct tone, while remaining positive and encouraging. Susan’s opinions on my manuscripts have been invaluable, and I’d highly recommend working with her! – Andrea Contos 

Susan was my mentor, along with Monica Bustamante Wagner, back in 2015. Susan has an amazing editorial eye, pointing out not just what doesn’t work, but explaining why in a kind and supportive way. Any time I had questions, she would respond quickly, even if my questions were more of a panic-fest. My writing is stronger for having known her–and I’m proud to count her among my writer friends now! Any writer should leap at the chance to work with Susan! – Kerbie Addis